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The Crown Jewel of The Gulch

Harlowe is a collection of boutique residences in the heart of Nashville’s most popular neighborhood, The Gulch. 

Nashville is a constantly evolving city that is breaking free of its previous molds and redefining itself on the national stage as a major metropolitan destination. Over 200 years of rich culture and history have built the city of Nashville into the bustling metropolis that it is today. With a past defined by battles, protests, music, and industrial growth, Nashville has always been a beacon of creative ideas and a hub of individualistic ambition.

As a result, the area has a distinct style that embodies both strength and delicacy at once. When approaching the brand we used rich colors and durable materials combined with soft textures and romantic details that inspire nostalgia and charm as much as they feel like a fresh interpretation of modern boutique design.

With a thriving music scene, refined dining options, craft brews, and coffee just minutes away, Harlowe’s central location in The Gulch yields close proximity to captivating possibilities.

By acknowledging the context of the neighborhood and history while bravely embracing contemporary culture and technology, Harlowe’s branding is poised to make a bold visual statement, without compromising a cultivated feeling of classic Southern hospitality. The community’s close proximity to an historic train station also influenced a romantic, windswept, turn-of-the-century aesthetic to the branding to balance out the modern edge.