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Delivering Inspring Environments

Ensemble is a real estate development company built on decades of commitment to excellence, strategic decision-making, and an entrepreneurial spirit that is balanced with an honest and thoughtful approach.

As a company that aims to deliver excellence through impactful investments, passionate design, and a culture of hospitality, ANYONE strategically implemented a rebrand to leverage Ensemble’s unique offerings.

Our journey in rebranding Ensemble started by delving into an extensive research and discovery phase, aiming to unveil the essence of Ensemble’s identity. Through comprehensive staff and stakeholder interviews, we initiated a data-centric approach to sculpt a brand strategy that harmonized seamlessly with Ensemble’s mission, values, and objectives. We also conducted an in-depth competitor and industry analysis to help carve out a unique space for Ensemble in the real estate development industry.

Following the research and development phase, ANYONE developed a comprehensive Research and Positioning Deck. This document encapsulated the rich history, market competitors, brand audit, target audience demographics, messaging directives, and our initial visual direction.

Drawing inspiration from the passionate people at Ensemble, ANYONE created a logo and visual identity that is timeless, yet progressive enough to adapt to design trends and different graphics languages. With a “less is more approach” when creating graphic elements, the brand content, messaging, and imagery do the talking. Because Ensemble creates properties across multiple industries, creating a brand that aids in the delivery of each unique community and property design was key. Through the development of a brand guide, the Ensemble brand will be consistent in delivering the perception of quality, care, and detail, which is built into every development.

Once these foundational branding elements were in place, ANYONE proceeded to craft all the essential marketing materials. This included a stationery suite, report packages, brochure, fence wraps, a branded social media kit, and a fresh website design. Each element effortlessly blends into the broader brand narrative, establishing a harmonious and engaging identity for Ensemble.