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Playing to a Different Beat

Synonymous with all things rock n’ roll and an American icon, Fender has established a worldwide influence that extends from the studio to the stage—and beyond.

Fender is a company with an unparalleled legacy in the world of musical instruments. Its iconic brand, quality, and design have allowed Fender to become a household name that’s been respected for generations.

With this legacy comes the responsibility to uphold it, an issue central to the launch and unveiling of the audio product line of Fender. How do you stay true to a brand with so much equity and history while also staying current?

ANYONE devised an entire marketing strategy that would create distinct barriers between Fender and their audio products: coining the new brand, Fender Audio. Doing so required forging partnerships with licensees of the Fender name to ensure that the team assembled around the project was hand-selected to guarantee success for all stakeholders.

In creating this distinction and these unique partnerships, we were able to borrow from the Fender legacy and brand equity to instill trust in the new line of audio products coming to the market in 2021.

This involved putting together a brand strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy that would ultimately guide not only the creative assets we develop, but also guide the product development. In doing so, ANYONE made sure that every product developed under the Fender Audio arm captures the Fender DNA.

The execution of creative assets, therefore, will always answer back to the WHY of the Fender Audio division and intrinsically speak to our target audience.