AnyoneTM is an award-winning, full-service creative agency that helps global brands succeed. Our focus is on innovative brand development and engaging 360° marketing strategies. Anyone™ defines and grows exceptional brands through a carefully refined system of ideation and creative development, leveraging an extensive network of internal resources to communicate the brand and its personality across physical and digital platforms.

What’s in a name? Everything.

Greystar Real Estate Partners has had a long history of building and managing some of the best and most beautiful apartment homes around the world. No matter where they’re located or what their special features are, each community has its own personality and aesthetic. But with a portfolio that exceeds 400,000 luxury residences, making sure the names, identities, and positioning are as unique as the individuals who live in them is an ongoing challenge for the brand.


The naming and positioning of each Greystar community starts with research and collaboration. It begins with a face-to-face conversation with everyone that has touched the community: from developers and interior designers to leasing agents and project managers. From there, Anyone™ conducts on-the-ground research, interviews, and focus groups. We infiltrate the competition, review city history, and embed ourselves in the local area. This brand mining approach provides the foundation for every touchpoint that Anyone™ will create for the community, and helps us position it within its marketplace as a completely singular entity.

National Reach


Branded Communities

Finding the Right Position

AMP Lofts, Los Angeles: The industrial history of downtown Los Angeles is an integral part of its story. For a new community in the DTLA Arts District, Anyone™ looked to the past to shape the future, naming AMP lofts for the American Metal Parts building that previously stood on the site. This fusion of yesterday and today fits right in with a neighborhood that has been shaped by the rise and fall of industry and art.

Logo Design

Each of our logos starts as a sketch and is refined using the golden ratio until we can present a number of unique, on-brand options.

Creating a Winning Brand

Neptune Marina, Marina Del Rey: Rising out of the water is a breath of fresh air in an area overrun with cliche nautical motifs. We understand that the beauty of Marina del Rey comes from its natural scenic beauty, which is why we created a brand that centers on just that.

Brand Guides

Creating guidelines for clients and vendors to maintain brand consistency.

Standing out from the Masses

The Fitzgerald, Downtown Denver: With over 12,000 apartment units for rent in Denver, creating a brand that stood out from amongst the competition was a challenge that required specific strategy. Leaning into the art deco interiors of the building and the history of Denver being a speakeasy hub and a center for nature and the outdoors, we created a name and brand that was dynamic, unique, and appealing to the masses.



Highest-Converting Websites Across Portfolio



Years of Branding

Premium Printing

Thoughtfully designing collateral that lends itself well to multiple applications.