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Marketing a Record-Setting Concert Amidst a Pandemic

The year 2020 was like no other in our lifetime. Stages were dark. Audiences were stuck at home. The music had gone silent. Teaming up with Anyone™, Landmarks Live, McGhee Entertainment, and a host of other creatives and agencies, the legendary KISS decided to throw the biggest live music concert and streaming event of the year to usher out 2020. In true KISS fashion, they wanted to break records, make their mark on 2020, and give audiences the most unforgettable performance of their storied career. But they needed a way to introduce this event to and excite a global audience in a time when people aren’t even able to leave their homes.


To live up to the KISS brand, Anyone™ drove marketing strategy, becoming the agency of record—this included designing all branded event assets and managing all of the KISS social accounts from pre-launch countdown through the day of the event. The event promotion and digital strategy had to be rooted in messaging that captured the KISS image while being strategically targeted to connect with the right audience, driving conversions and creating vertical streams of revenue. With a primary focus on selling tickets for this one-of-a-kind global live streaming event, targeted campaigns were launched in tandem, featuring placements rooted in research to optimize conversions and yield a campaign scale worthy of the KISS legacy—with a massive stage production, including 250+ cameras offering 360° views and a world record-setting pyrotechnics show.

Digital Marketing

113 Million

Social Impressions

Digital Presence & Access

As of campaign launch, the Anyone™ marketing team had back-end access to all relevant KISS-related social properties, inclusive of the band account as well as Gene Simmons’ and Paul Stanley’s Instagram accounts. We leveraged the accounts for content population as well as an invaluable data source to pull audience attributes from, allowing us to make high-indexing “lookalike” audience segments and serve ads to those personas most likely to convert.


2 Million+

Website Sessions

Microsite Launch

With a keen focus on driving ticket sales, Anyone™ created an event-branded microsite in order to maximize the likelihood of conversions. In launching, our primary goal was to provide a one-click portal to purchase while nurturing the customer journey and pushing users through the sales  funnel. The messaging, CTAs, and layout were all arranged with these KPIs in mind.

Worldwide Impact

The results of the campaign were as epic as the scale of the event, breaking two world records and receiving a global reach of over 150 countries, gaining manifold views, impressions, engagements, and conversions on ticket sales.

This massive campaign was able to reach a global audience due to the Anyone™ team’s uniquely devised content and strategy. The event had over 50 press releases and gained enough traffic to increase followship on the KISS social accounts and contribute to mass ticket sales.

Guinness World Record
Highest flame projection in a music concert

Guinness World Record
Most flame projections launched simultaneously in a music concert

Global Reach

On a New Years when most found themselves sheltering in place, KISS 2020 Goodbye was able to reach nearly 200 countries. This historical concert offered a chance for millions of fans and music lovers around the world to participate from the safety of their own homes, making this a worldwide event like no other, in a time like no other.

Press & PR

The much-anticipated launch of KISS 2020 Goodbye was lauded in all major digital and print outlets, including Rolling StoneVariety, MSNBC, Loudwire, and many more. Working synergistically with our strategic social takeover, this accumulated over 2 million visits worldwide to the microsite on launch.

Social Media

7 Million

Global Post Engagements

Video Marketing

6.1 Million

Video Views