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Metrolink Earth Day

Last April, Anyone™ volunteered and collaborated with Metrolink to create campaign assets for Earth Day to encourage commuters to take the train instead of driving their cars. As environment enthusiasts, this initiative was incredibly inspiring to our agency. The opportunity to further foster community and improve air quality in SoCal is an accomplishment we each individually feel passionate about. To see our work create social change and get people excited about riding the train was especially meaningful to everyone on our team, and resonates with Rule #1: Do what you love!

For Earth Day, Metrolink was offering free rides for all travelers throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties. Anyone™ donated their time and efforts and created a compelling campaign around the day that would showcase the special offering and the Metrolink brand in a modern, thoughtful, and engaged manner. The goal was to increase ridership and show existing riders that the brand was connected to the communities it served. Since public transportation is an inherently eco-friendly option, we created messaging that showcased the many ways Metrolink helped the planet. That messaging, combined with vibrant imagery, captured the attention of thousands of riders while showing support for the environment. As a result, we were able to “eco-charge” Metrolink and increase the FY19 average weekday ridership by 48%.