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Black Lives Matter

Like much of the world, our team watched in horror as yet another Black man was killed due to excessive force. We, like many, are tired of hearing the final words, “I can’t breathe,” slip from the mouths of too many Black people (particularly men) as they’re murdered at the hands of those who are meant to protect and serve them.

Racism can take on many forms, and (more often than not) it takes the form of micro-aggressions. These small, everyday acts reveal implicit biases held by many Americans, and are one of the biggest perpetuators of racism today. These actions are often unconscious, but their effects lead to the alienation and marginalization of the Black community.

On the extreme side of this scale are macro-aggressions, as seen in crimes perpetuated against the Black community; as seen in the murder of George Floyd, the murder of Breonna Taylor, the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. These crimes come as the result of many, countless malpractices; however, at the center of them all are implicit biases that have been drilled into the American psyche since the inception of this country.

There can be no justice until we look back on our sordid past as a nation; until we all acknowledge that the very structures on which this country was built are saturated with racist overtones. The US is a country with racial inequity so deeply entrenched in its structures that dismantling these systems feels hopeless and exhausting—especially when people choose to believe that the experience of Black Americans (US residents, immigrants, et al.) is imagined. Until we can be unified on this issue, there can be no progress. Until Black lives matter, no lives matter.

Our team wants to do our part—as a company and as individuals. We feel the first step is acknowledging what sort of change we can effect to help the Black community, and to turn that understanding into action.

Today and on all days moving forward, the Anyone™ Team is proud to say we support Black lives, and are calling for the reform that is needed in our ballots and in our police to eradicate the rampant racism that exists in this country. Together, we have donated to the following organizations to help see this change through:
Justice and Equality Fund

If you are looking for ways to get involved, try donating to a foundation you believe in. Sign a petition to help enact change. Reach out to local legislators. Have the hard conversations with friends and family members, even when it’s uncomfortable. Most importantly, you can listen, and never stop learning.

To see more resources and research put together by our team to help the Black community (including information about how to find your local legislators so you can effect change, too), please see the link here:

This is by no means an all-encompassing list; this is a starting point to educate on matters that are paramount to the Black community. Education is where it starts, action is how this changes for good.