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How do you prove what you can’t see?

Evolving from a Kickstarter campaign, PowerWatch entered the ultra-competitive market of smartwatches to showcase a consumer-friendly and appropriately-scaled example of advanced thermoelectric technology: a smartwatch charged by body heat. In addition to joining a crowded space as a newcomer, the company also faced the obstacle of presenting the core technology in a way that was palatable for consumers, while not diluting the value of the technology as a whole.


After thorough research and analysis, Anyone™ created a strategy that would make PowerWatch stand alone as its own brand and company, separate from its parent company and technology producer, MATRIX Industries. This meant creating a new brand identity, establishing messaging directives, segmenting target audiences, auditing overall product functionality and UI/UX, designing packaging, creating trade show presences, and executing POS displays in Best Buy and more.



Return on Ad Spend

Capturing Content

Anyone™ produced a multi-day photoshoot to capture customized content to touch upon every target demographic of the PowerWatch brand. These images were then incorporated across all marketing collateral.

Understanding the Market

Researching the marketplace provides a wealth of information, supplying clear insight into competitor brand language and visual identities; brand architecture; and communication style and messaging. Once trends and research are collected and evaluated, this information is pivotal in differentiating and excelling in the market.

Illuminating both the similarities and points of distinction amongst the competition helps to paint a comprehensive picture of the competitive landscape, and more importantly, the opportunities that exist within.

Logo Development

The original mark for PowerWatch was not designed to fit multiple products and scale correctly when in use. We knew we had to redesign the brand and its entire graphic language.

Every brand we create starts with a sketch. As the idea is refined, we then proceed to apply the Fibonacci golden ratios to the brand mark to ensure a pleasing aesthetic and natural scalability to the mark’s detailed components.

Since the product harnesses energy using body heat, we created a brand icon that symbolized this idea and the overall MATRIX technology within its mark. Heat plus energy in a letter “P” shape gives the PowerWatch brand the iconic look it has.

Packaging & POS

To promote both PowerWatch and the technology inside it, our team put together multiple trade show booth designs and assets to optimize B2B and B2C communication and exposure. From CES to Outdoor Retailer to IFA, we worked on strategically designed collateral to have a superior presence at each show.

Creating Ads that Work

After segmenting audiences, we must then figure out how to reach them. We created ads for every level of the messaging funnel and placed them where the right people would see them at the right time.

Digital Ads

49 Million

Unique Users Reached


$1.4 Million

Total Online Sales