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How do you make an 80-year-old brand appealing to millennials?

An early innovator in the tech space, Pioneer Electronics still leads the market in transformative consumer electronics and audio products. In their heyday, their perceived value was off the charts as consumers clamored for their product. However, as the market has shifted and the company has expanded into a global brand, it has become more and more challenging for this 80-year-old brand to communicate a consistent message and reach modern consumers.


Anyone™ undertook an audit of Pioneer’s global brand communication to create a versatile, graphic brand language that included rules and assets for all brand applications, as well as an overarching graphic system for global marketing. To speak to a younger demographic, we went back to basics, with music at the soul of the brand. Through the use of sound waves, DNA imagery, and a bright, engaging color palette, Anyone™ sought to reposition this legacy brand and infuse it with new life. The new graphic direction was the first ever to be globally adopted by Pioneer, and was subsequently translated into advertising, marketing, packaging, POS, social media, and all other aspects of branding.



Products Launched During Six Years as Agency of Record

A New Brand in Action

To launch the refreshed brand to the greatest effect, Anyone™ designed and produced multiple global marketing events and environments—including experiential marketing booths for SEMA, SXSW, CES, and live events around the world. Simultaneously, Anyone™ launched the “Don’t Break Up With Your Car” campaign, designed to reposition and reinstate the brand as a tech-forward industry leader. This video-based campaign was deployed across multiple print, digital and social media platforms. And finally, reestablishing the Pioneer brand in the eyes of a younger demographic necessitated a dramatic adjustment in campaign tone, an imperative to shift from a strictly information-based approach into something that was lighter, irreverent, and more emotionally-driven.



Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth

A Versatile System

While shoring up their perceived value in the eyes of the consumer, Pioneer was also preparing to launch a new line of products that represented a collaboration between themselves and modern behemoths Apple and Google, making Pioneer the first company to bring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to market, preceding even the creators of the technology itself. Because Apple and Google are direct competitors that would exist in the same space in Pioneer’s CES booth, the brand’s language had to remain true to its core while giving each of these major players equal weight in context, ensuring a unified brand message. To do so, Anyone™ adapted the new brand language to give each brand its own weight and balance through the use of color: Pioneer Red, Apple White/Green and Google Black/Orange. Implemented side-by-side, this was translated to product launches as well as print, digital and social media campaigns.


6 Years

As Official Agency of Record