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When is a commercial more than just a commercial?

Hyundai has been a major partner of the NBA for the better part of a decade. With the major shifts in consumer behavior and the introduction and adoption of social media, Hyundai was seeking additional ways to collaborate with the NBA beyond just being the official car sponsor.


Capitalizing on the banter that characterizes Inside the NBA, Anyone™ pushed for an integration beyond the typical 30-second commercial spot, and created a unique concept focused around an in-show activation. Involving Kenny “The Jet” Smith’s real-life family in a multi-episode series that aired during the show, and culminating with Kenny driving a Hyundai Santa Fe onto the soundstage, this activation flowed over into trending conversations across multiple social platforms. The concept proved so successful that it was later developed into a full-blown reality television drama for the major network TBS. Thrilled with the success of the initial series, and the social campaign, Hyundai fully integrated as the major brand partner on TBS’s “Meet The Smiths,” taking the car from the showroom floor to the proverbial silver screen.

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Extending Reach

At the launch, Anyone™’s concept ran as a special segment on the top-rated sports program Inside the NBA on TNT. Additionally, it was released on YouTube, where Anyone™ organized major NBA influencers and show hosts (Shaquille O’Neil, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley) to drive traffic to the content. It was also featured on the homepage of, where it garnered even more positive attention from consumers and the press. Throughout the network activation, web and social media success, and the development of the reality show, Anyone™ worked to ensure the execution of the concept and the brand’s full integration at every level.

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15 Million

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