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75 Years of Legacy, Reimagined

Fender is a company with an unparalleled legacy in the world of musical instruments. Its iconic brand, quality, and design have allowed Fender to become a household name that’s been respected for generations. With this legacy comes the responsibility to uphold it, an issue central to the launch and unveiling of the audio product line of Fender. How do you stay true to a brand with so much equity and history while also staying current?


Anyone™ devised an entire marketing strategy that would create distinct barriers between Fender and their audio products: coining the new brand, Fender Audio. Doing so required forging partnerships with licensees of the Fender name to ensure that the team assembled around the project was hand-selected to guarantee success for all stakeholders. In creating this distinction and these unique partnerships, we were able to borrow from the Fender legacy and brand equity to instill trust in the new line of audio products coming to the market in 2021. This involved putting together a brand strategy, marketing strategy, and sales strategy that would ultimately guide not only the creative assets we develop, but also guide the product development. In doing so, we can make sure that every product developed under the Fender Audio arm captures the Fender DNA. The execution of creative assets, therefore, will always answer back to the WHY of the Fender Audio division and intrinsically speak to our target audience.

Targeting New Ears

Despite having an indisputably legendary global reputation, there are many audiences worldwide that haven’t interacted with Fender, particularly if they aren’t musicians. We aim to broaden the brand’s offerings to enthusiasts, introducing new ways for them to enjoy any music genre with this new product line. We believe in these products and instill the passion of music in every product we produce, creating not only a listening device but an emotional connection to the brand.

Tour True Wireless Earphones

The flagship product of the Fender Audio line is Tour, Fender’s TWS earphones. Together with Fender, Anyone™ aims to create a world tour in music, delivering a sonic experience that lives up to the Fender name. It starts with a name, and the Tour name was thoughtfully selected, researched, and vetted by the Anyone™ team to speak to our unique product offerings. Fender is rock n’ roll—so what better way to pay homage to that tradition than to speak to how that music is delivered. Tour is a name that plays on the wireless and hassle-free nature of the product and answers to the Fender brand. It also speaks to the type of quality users should expect: we can deliver music as it was intended to be heard.

Creating a Buzz

The research required to select an appropriate name was just one piece of the research required to plan a successful product launch. Only through leveraging our unique relationships was the Anyone™ team able to generate buzz around the product for its US unveiling. This pitch work and dedication to the product led to the Anyone™ team successfully swaying Fender into creating an Amazon page for the first time in Fender history—one that will proudly feature the Fender Audio identity created by our team.

From Pitch to Partnership

It all started with a simple question on a Zoom: how do we market new Fender-licensed products to reach new audiences while still honoring their long-standing legacy? In the subsequent calls, emails, and Zoom meetings (and there were many) it became clear that there was an opportunity for something far beyond a marketing campaign here. The Anyone™ team quickly built the foundation to a long lasting relationship with the Singapore-based company, Gen S. We knew this was more than another client. Not only are we very passionate about music here at Anyone™ but we were also extremely excited about the products and the people we were engaging with. What resulted was a brand new company where the Anyone™ team, along with our partner Steve Muttram, and Chernwei Mah and Johnson Goh of Gen S formed a new partnership called Riff Soundworks. This collaborative LLC is an official licensee of Fender dedicated entirely to end-to-end creation and sales of all audio-related products outside of Fender amps and guitars: the Fender Audio brand. With the full force of the Anyone™ agency and Gen S behind it, Riff Soundworks has geared up to launch a series new products, from true wireless and wired headphones, bluetooth speakers, and IEMs, with more already in the pipeline. And in true Anyone™ fashion, Riff Soundworks operates from the core WHY, always ensuring that Fender Audio products that bear the Fender name must be great, sound great, and look great in every way.