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How do you jumpstart a major LA destination?

As the Media Capital of the World, Burbank is home to numerous entertainment headquarters and production facilities, and is the powerhouse for some of the greatest works of our time.

Despite this, Burbank has a reputation of being a quiet suburb with dated shopping and offerings, while still continuing to grow as a housing-rich employment center in LA. In an effort to combat this stigma, the City set forth plans to transform Burbank into a destination hub for entertainment, shopping, and dining, with innovative transportation and housing solutions. To complement these ambitious goals, the City needed to revitalize its look and feel to communicate a new message: Burbank is an exciting and thriving LA destination.


To reposition Burbank as a major entertainment destination in LA County, Anyone™ needed to establish a new brand identity that put a clear, confident face on the City of Burbank. We created a unique identity system for the overarching City brand, as well as an expansive identity system for the twelve City departments. Each department was provided with a department-specific logo package, brand guide, stationery kit, and branding elements that complement the City’s parent brand. Since becoming the City’s agency of record, Anyone™ continues to grow the brand through website development, print and digital ad campaigns, print collateral, City program branding, and much more.



City departments rebranded with new logos, brand style guides, and stationery packages

Positioning a World-Class City

Using the established brand identity for the City of Burbank, Anyone™ created a unified graphic language to be used across all messaging and collateral, appropriate for all City departments. This graphic language tells a connected story about the City and its cohesive services and offerings. As each City department previously had its own individual logo, creating a consistent graphic language made clear to our audience that all marketing materials, regardless from which department, originate from the City of Burbank.

A Trusted Brand Voice

With the brand identity and graphic language established, Anyone™ created assets using the City’s brand voice. The brand voice needed to communicate Burbank as a premier destination and leader in entertainment, innovation, and creativity.

The brand voice conveys the boldness and pride the City carries, and inspires locals, visitors, and prospective businesses to be a part of the Burbank community.

Modernism Meets the Media Capital

Inspired by the timeless geometry and bright colors of the film industry’s most fun era, we’ve created a flexible system that puts a clear, confident face on the City of Burbank. The simple approach creates opportunities for unique framing for photography on print and digital collateral that feels dynamic and bold—this aesthetic cannot be ignored.

Using bright colors inspired by retro printing techniques, we’ve provide an expansive system for assigning color to specific City departments and primary logos to keep the identity feeling fresh, fun, and friendly to even out the weight of the overall mark and typography.

Downtown Burbank

In addition to working with the City of Burbank, Anyone™ is also working with the Downtown Burbank Partnership to help promote one of the City’s largest districts. Downtown Burbank is comprised of over 400 shops spanning more than 50 blocks, and is known for being the perfect combination of bustling activity and classic casual vibes, for a quintessential SoCal experience.

Despite its offerings, Downtown Burbank faced challenges in attracting new visitors and standing out as a premier destination in Southern California. To reposition Downtown Burbank, Anyone™ began with creating a new brand identity to change the public’s perception of the area to one that was fresh, and exciting. Since Downtown Burbank is a major district within the City of Burbank, Anyone™ understood that the new identity required a level of cohesion and symbiosis with the City’s new aesthetic. The overall goal when rebranding both entities was to maintain a logical physical and digital experience for visitors.

Event Promotion

In addition to general marketing to draw visitors to Downtown, Anyone™ has promoted specific annual events, such as the Arts Festival, Car Classic, Wine Walk, and The Rink. For each event, we created brand new assets to complement the established Downtown brand. This included: social media banners, digital and social ads, flyers, postcards, wayfinding signage, t-shirts, and much more.